Specification of dehydrated onion:

Dehydrated onions have the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavour that only comes out of the fresh onions. With their concentrated flavour, dehydrated onions, add a great zing to various culinary delicacies that call for onions. Dehydrated onions can be stored and preserved without refrigeration for a long time. These light and crisp bulbs give strong onion hits by adding an intense and pungent natural aroma come in handy in treating health problems too. So, it is the most versatile staple in every kitchen.

Though they can be substituted for one another, onions still vary slightly in colour, flavour, and texture. These include:


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Dehydrated Pink Onion:

Attractive in colour, they have a distinct sweet flavour with a fruity aroma and a juicy texture. They don’t have the strong, astringent flavour of other onions, which is why they can be eaten simple and thinly sliced. As a result, they are more perishable and should be kept refrigerated.









80 to 100mesh


3-5 mm

1to 3mm


Soups, Fast Food

Canned Meat, Snacks

Sauces, Cheese

Vegetables, Sauces

Food Mixes sauces

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