Mustard is an annual plant that is grown as an oil seed crop, vegetable, or fodder, and there are three species that are known for their condiment value. Brassica hirta (pale yellow or white mustard), Brassica juncea (brown mustard), and Brassica nigra (black mustard) are the three types of mustard (Brassica nigra).
The most popular things include mustard powder (which is used to produce mayonnaise), dried or dehydrated mustard leaves, whole mustard seeds, and other processed commodities. Whole mustard is utilised as a flavouring element in Indian cooking, whereas ground mustard is used to provide flavour and consistency to Bengali fish curries. Mustard flour is both a preservative and an antioxidant, as well as a flavour and colour enhancer.

Mustard Seeds Manufacturers in India

Varieties Of Mustard Seeds

Black Mustard Seeds Manufacturers in India
Black Mustard
Brown Mustard Seeds Manufacturers in India
Brown Mustard
Yellow White Brown Mustard Seeds Manufacturers in India
Yellow Mustard
White Brown Mustard Seeds Manufacturers in India
White Mustard

Brassica Alba seeds, generally known as mustard seeds, are small spherical yellow, Black, Brown, White coloured seeds from the Mustard family. They have a strong flavour. Although the seeds are bitter by nature, toasting them brings out their fragrant richness. Mustard seeds are commonly used in the preparation of oil and sauces.Organic Products India is one of the world’s major Mustard Seeds Manufacturers in India.

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