Providing the highest quality dehydrated potatoes

We are a renowned maker of high-quality Potato Flakes that have the same taste and odour as fresh potatoes. Potato flakes are made by dehydrating potatoes and are widely used as a nutritious food basis in frozen foods, baked products, and soups. These dry potato products, which come in chunks, shreds, flakes, granules, and slices, are well-liked for providing additional proteins, fibre, vitamins, sugar, and minerals.

Dehydrated Potato are created through a lengthy process of washing, heating, and then separating the starch found in potato cell walls so that it can be powdered or liquidized. As a thickening and binding agent, dehydrated potato are a fantastic alternative to other starches. It is utilized in Ready-to-Mix Soups and Sauces because it gives the product a transparent appearance.

Manufacturer of Dehydrated Potatoes
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